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12th December 2012
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10th October 2012

Combining Learning & Fun! We have a roadmap for 400 game-based,
standards-aligned K12 math apps.
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Education delivery mechanisms are evolving, but educational content hasn’t caught up.

We’re a team of game developers who wondered why, and decided to join forces with leading educators and do something about it.

That's why we created Mango Learning.

Life doesn’t reward memorization; it rewards action.

While content delivery mechanisms have evolved (with iPads and tablets flooding classrooms), the content itself has yet to catch up. The re-imagining of education for the digital age has mostly resulted in moving traditional teaching tools (textbooks, worksheets and lectures) to the digital realm.

We're getting ready to change that. Because we believe that learning should be fun, and we know a little something about fun.

Our team has helped build some of the best-selling games out there (including Gardens Of Time, which has 17 million monthly active users), Top Gun, and Days Of Thunder (both based on Paramount Pictures' hit movies). Now we’re joining forces with leading academic innovators to tackle a mission that is near and dear to our hearts: We want to leverage everything we know about the engaging nature of games…and apply it to sparking every child’s love of learning.

Mango Learning is game-based, immersive, mobile education.

Our premise is simple: Motivation is at least as important of a factor in educational outcomes as Ability; and Games can be highly motivating! If you love your job, you do it all the time…and that’s how we want kids to feel about learning.

Games are more powerful than other content delivery methods, because they encourage resilience, and promote mastery!

Don’t get us wrong; nothing can replace a teacher’s ability to pay close attention to the needs of a child, and there’s a place for digital texts, online lectures and the like. There's also a crucial need for the involvement of homeschool educators, parents and communities.

But children need to be self-directed in their learning as well.

Kids today are on Facebook before they’re talking, and they’re playing with iPads before they can walk. Their success in life will be determined by how hard they try, not but how much they can remember. That’s why we’re so passionate about the power of games.

We know games. We know how to make them personal, how to build in rewards, and how to engage multiple senses. We also know that while a kid might see an F on an exam as a death sentence…he will fail at a game without blinking an eye. And then…[and here’s the beautiful thing] he will try and try again.

We chose Math as our first frontier, because it’s universal. .
We worked with curriculum experts to break the entire US K through 12 Mathematics curriculum into 400 individual math modules, based on specific concepts. That way, teachers, homeschoolers and parents worldwide can easily find the concepts they want to include in their lesson plans or enrichment programs.

The blueprint for each math module includes:
  • A Tutorial incorporating both eastern & western teaching methods, where the child learns from relatable teacher avatars.
  • A Diagnostic Test that reads the student’s knowledge, and sets the questions accordingly.
  • Three to four games which allow kids to prevent space invasions, slice and share pizzas, or interact in other ways with a virtual world…while learning.
  • A Post-Test which confirms whether the child has gone beyond grasping the concepts, to mastering them.

We are blending Eastern & Western Teaching: Aiming for Mastery.

Blended Tutorials!

Blended Tutorials!

Traditionally, Western teaching methods focus on principles and problem-solving, whereas Eastern methods emphasize conceptual understanding more. We don’t believe that one is always better or worse than the other, but we do understand that each child learns differently.

That’s why we’ve developed our Blended Tutorials approach, which introduces children to two teachers (one from the ‘East’ and one from the ‘West’) who explain different approaches to solving the same math concept.

We believe that the more different approaches a child has at their fingertips, the more likely they are to (1) find a method that seems natural to them, (2) grasp the basic procedure, (3) keep playing and progressing beyond proficiency and towards mastery and (4) eventually become an intuitive math learner! Concepts that seem intuitive build confidence, and confidence breeds the desire to continue learning. Isn’t that what we want for all children?

A Note On Assessment

All Mango Learning apps are designed to generate detailed reports on the progress of every child. We plan to make these reports available on-demand, from the cloud, to teachers and parents alike!

Hitting our Kickstarter Goal will give us the chance to move from a proven prototype to a comprehensive Math solution for three entire Vertical Learning Strands: Fractions & Decimals (Grades 4 through 7), Ratios & Proportions (Grades 6 through 8), and Statistics & Probability (Grades 7 through 9)!

We tested ourselves by creating the very first Mango Learning game called Fun With Fractions. We’ve also built an adaptive testing mechanism which will allow us to scale Mango Learning in the long-term.

But all those games require an audience, and all that development takes money; that’s why we’ve turned to Kickstarter. The good news is that we have an extensive library of game mechanics at our disposal that we can build upon to create different, engaging games at every grade level.

Raising our goal on Kickstarter will allow us to complete the Vertical Learning Strands outlined above, and to properly launch our first set of games (The Series: Fun With Fractions).

With the momentum we will build, we plan to self-fund the rest of the educational game development. First Math for Middle School. Then Math for High School as well as Elementary. From there on, the sky’s the limit. Language Arts, Science, and everything else under the sun. But we can’t do it without you.

We welcome your pledges, but we want to hear from you, too!

If you believe in the gamification of education, send us your comments and videos, and we'll post them to the update section of our Kickstarter page.

Here are some clips from the games we're working on right now...

Teach a child a fact set and he'll ace the very next exam. Spark his love of learning and he just might change the world!

Thanks for visiting us!

Risks and Challenges

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Life is full of bumps in the road, and so is learning game development! While we are a seasoned team of developers, we cannot control everything. We understand that our backers recognize that fact, and we feel that it's important to give you a sense of the potential challenges facing a project like ours. So, here it goes…

The biggest challenge for edugames is, ironically, educating the masses about their potential. Our society has been teaching our children in the same manner for decades, so broadening the concept of learning beyond traditional lecture-based instruction isn’t always easy. It will take time and persistence to deploy our message. Our plan has always been (1) to align our product to established curriculum, (2) to demonstrate the measurable impact of our method in the long-term, and (3) to share the feedback of teachers, parents and students about Mango Learning, and to incorporate it into our games!

We are building a global product, and we have specifically targeted Math because its easy enough to recognize that one plus one equals two around the world. But building a globally effective product involves much more than changing the language in a voice-over. We have identified cultural experts who will be involved in the QA process before launching in different countries and languages in the long-term, but there are always surprises. That's why Kickstarter is about much more than raising money; we want to build an army of passionate users who will also be our very best source of feedback. Imagine what we can build together.

Technical development always runs the risk of delays, and our project is no exception to that possibility. One reason is that our games are adaptive, meaning that they read a student’s knowledge level, and adjust the questions accordingly. While this is a powerful learning tool, it's also a technologically sophisticated process which can combine with high-quality graphics to deliver very large programs. It's our job to optimize those programs, and that optimization takes time. Even more so when you're developing for multiple platforms! So we run the risk of delays in optimization, but we also know how critical it is, and we do not cut corners in the process. In anticipation of this possibility, we have put all of our efforts over the past few months towards ramping up development to a point where we can reasonably expect to hit or even beat our development targets. And as the process moves forward, we are committed to providing updates to backers every step of the way.

We're not a hardware company, but we have created backer reward levels which include our games pre-loaded onto tablets. We know that any unforeseen delays of our hardware vendors could prevent us from delivering the tablets to you as quickly as we would like to, so in order to prevent that from happening we have estimated delivery dates which take into account some lag-time.

These are just a few of the unique challenges that we might face at some point, but the unique nature of our project means that we can't anticipate everything. That's why our team has been carefully selected. Take a look at our website and our Team page to learn more about us, and we think you'll understand why we're confident that we can meet any challenge that comes up. Not only do we have world class experience in game development, QA, graphics, education, fulfillment, and marketing...but we have a vision that we all feel passionate about. Passion inspires persistence, and persistence is why we know that we can fulfill our promises.

We believe we can play a part in the democratization of access to education through technology. And what could be more inspiring than that?


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Show the world that you believe in the power of games to transform the way that we teach our kids, to enhance the classroom environment, and to arm teachers with a tool that they need to effectively reach ALL of today's children. Help us take that step to re-imagining the core curriculum for the modern, digital world! You'll receive a warm fuzzy feeling, our eternal love, and the bragging rights of having your name listed on our website’s Kickstarter Benefactors page. Help us change the way the world learns!

Est. delivery: Dec 2012
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Five Free Mango Game downloads right away! Be the first of your friends to try our apps in your homeschool, your classroom, or better yet as an activity for your kids during a family getaway! (Plus a Thank You on our benefactors page!)

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We Want YOU to help us make Mango's Math games the very best that they can be. And that means joining us in the trenches, as a beta tester for up to 10 games! (Plus a Thank You on our benefactors page, and Five free Mango Game downloads!)

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Whether you're a diligent parent, and proud aunt or uncle, a caring grandparent, or a neighbor to a child whom you care about -- we can all remember when we first got excited about learning. Share that spark by choosing to gift one child UNLIMITED ACCESS to all of our games for ONE FULL SCHOOL YEAR! (Plus a Thank You on our benefactors page, Five free Mango Game downloads, and the right to be a Beta Tester!)

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We can't thank you enough for believing in us! But we CAN send you a free SEVEN-INCH TABLET, pre-loaded with Mango's games! (Note that this tablet will allow you to download other products as well, as you see fit. Take the Mango Tablet, and make it your own!) (Plus all previous reward levels!)

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Looking for something a little bigger? We've got you covered. We will gladly send you a free TEN-INCH TABLET, pre-loaded with Mango's games! (Note that this tablet will allow you to download other products as well, as you see fit. Take the Mango Tablet, and make it your own!) (Plus all reward levels below $99!)

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Design your own character with the help of Mango’s team, and have him/her permanently included in an actual Mango game! (Plus everything in the $225 reward level!)

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Give the gift of unlimited Mango Games to AN ENTIRE CLASSROOM FOR AN ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR! Help us spread the word about our products, and help an entire classroom full of children unlock their love of learning through games! (Limit 30 students in one classroom, with school year beginning September 2013.) (Plus everything included in the $225 reward level!) (Classroom license to begin with Fall 2013 school year.) (Plus a Thank You on our benefactors page, Three free Mango App downloads, the right to be a Beta Tester, and one preloaded, ten-inch tablet!)

Est. delivery: Jan 2013
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Be on the forefront of the educational gaming revolution; become a Mango Learning Benefactor. We will shower you with good karma (Seriously, we've got connections!), honor you with a BENEFACTOR CREDIT at the end of a Mango game (Because you deserve it!), and a classroom visit from a CoFounder who will personally offer professional development training for one teacher, and cloud-based reporting! (Plus everything included in the $225 level!)

 Est. delivery: Benefactor Credit and preloaded Tablet: Dec/Jan Unlimited classroom and Cofounder visit & teacher training

Est. delivery: Jan 2013
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